Shows the sequence of Riboswitch (Rfam ID for fasta file download). We keep the U in the partial sequence because it is consistent with the sequence information in the fasta file. ( We provide the script could change T into U on the page).

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The table below presents the complete collection of currently available sequences from RNAcentre. Click 'download' to obtain the desired target sequence.

Name Rfam ID Download linker
FMN RF00050 Download
TPP RF00059 Download
Mn2+ RF00080 Download
SAM-I RF00162 Download
Guanine RF00167 Download
Lysine RF00168 Download
AdoCbl RF00174 Download
T-box RF00230 Download
GlcN6P RF00234 Download
c-di-AMP RF00379 Download
Mg2+-I RF00380 Download
Guanidine-I RF00442 Download
Glycine RF00504 Download
SAM-II RF00521 Download
PreQ1-I RF00522 Download
SAM-IV RF00634 Download
c-di-GMP RF01051 Download
Name Rfam ID Download linker
PreQ1-II RF01054 Download
MoCo RF01055 Download
Mg2+-II RF01056 Download
SAH RF01057 Download
Guanidine-II RF01068 Download
AdoCbl RF01482 Download
AqCbl RF01689 Download
Glutamine-II RF01704 Download
SAM-I/IV RF01725 Download
SAM-SAH RF01727 Download
Fluoride RF01734 Download
Glutamine-I RF01739 Download
ZTP RF01750 Download
Guanidine-III RF01763 Download
Azaaromatic RF01764 Download
SAM-III RF01767 Download
c-di-GMP-II RF01786 Download
Name Rfam ID Download linker
SAM-V RF01826 Download
THF-I RF01831 Download
preQ1-III RF02680 Download
NiCo RF02683 Download
SAM-VI RF02885 Download
PRA RF02974 Download
THF-II RF02977 Download
NAD+-I RF03013 Download
Li+-II RF03038 Download
Xanthine-I RF03054 Download
Li+-I RF03057 Download
Na+-I RF03071 Download
2-dG-II RF03165 Download
c-di-GMP RF03167 Download
c-di-GMP RF03168 Download
c-di-GMP RF03169 Download
c-di-GMP RF03170 Download