About Ribocentre-switch database

Riboswitch is designed to contain comprehensive information of all natural riboswitches. In addition to a brief introduction to riboswitch,on each riboswitch page, We offer a variety of search options, so you can search by sequence, you can also index/search about the publications, structures, catalyses and applications of riboswitches that interest you. Users are welcomed to submit new riboswitch cases or related comments through the submission portal to help us improve our database. The Binding pocketspage sums up information from binding pockets, which is proved by publicated works and shows classification of the riboswitch. And on the Applications page, there are four examples displaying the application process of riboswitch in previous researches. This page will be timely updated. The Structures page provides more details of riboswitches in different aspects and Publications page provide the links of single riboswitch page/structure details/publications.

How to contact us

For any inquiries or concerns regarding the database, please reach out to


Search channels

On Home page, we borrow the introduction from wikipedia, hoping you could get some basic concepts of Riboswitches. There are two search channels available in the home page, as shown below, you can switch to the Riboswitche, Binding pockets, Application, or Publication page by using the navigation bar. You can switch to a specific page by searching for keywords or sequences. drawing

Interactive visualisation

Clink the Riboswitch name in Riboswitches page, and it would send you to a new page which shows the timeline, structure, binding pockets information and so on of the riboswitch you choosed. For 2d structures you can slide the mouse so you can zoom in and out on the structure, for 3d structures you can use the interactive window to colour the structure or click on the zoom button on the right to go to a new page with more detailed information. We hope you can find all the information available in this database. drawing

Download channels

On some pages, we use table-format to show the information of different riboswitches. You can click the header to rank the column information. You can use the Searchto search for the riboswitch, years, and other information. Under the table, you could find how many items we provided in the left. The database also provide the function of download to download what you want. drawing

Feedback channels

To keep pace with the latest developments in riboswitch research, the database will undergo regular updates. Users are actively encouraged to contribute by submitting new riboswitch cases through the feedback portal on the Help page or via direct email, their valuable input will play a crucial role in enhancing and improving the database, promoting riboswitch research and foster new insights in the field. drawing

How to make a feedback

You are welcomed to send us feedback and your ideas or suggestions will be greatly valued. We will continue to have our database improved to be fully functional and user-friendly. Your opinions will be fully considered. Click the Submit button or figures to record your suggestions and comments on Google sheet. We provide more than one entrence you can find to send your feedback.

Group Members

Zhichao (Chichau) Miao

Principal Investigator of Guangzhou Lab

Lin Huang

Principal Investigator of Sun Yat-sen University